Electrical engineering deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It also covers various machines tools and equipments involved in the production, transmission, distribution, and measurement of electricity and also various protection devices. Various other machines and equipments that we use daily also come under electrical engineering. Electronics engineering mainly deals with design and development of electronic circuits, equipments and machines.

The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has been playing a vital role in producing scientists and technologists of highest caliber ever since it was established in the year 2006. The Department offers instructions at undergraduate level with the aim of providing a sound background in the areas of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. The Department offers 4 years B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering to cater the ever challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of Electrical & Electronics Engg.

The Department covers all areas of Electrical Engineering such as Integrated Electronics and Circuits, Tele-communications, Computer Technology, Control & Automation, Power Systems & Power Electronics and Electronic Machine etc. The faculty of the department continuously carries out research on latest technologies and regularly publishes in many top international journals. The department also undertakes many research projects sponsored by both the Government and the Industry.

Student Outcomes
  • Knowledge to analysis circuits, electromagnetic machines, power systems, control systems etc.
  • Knowledge to deal with generation, distribution and transmission of electricity.
  • Knowledge to use machine tools and equipments involved in the production and measurement of electricity.
  • Knowledge to design and develop electronics circuits, equipments and machines.
  • Knowledge to develop efficient renewable energy and electric/hybrid vehicles.
  • Knowledge to create and design new products and systems.
  • To prepare students to excel in Industry and Higher education by Educating Students along with High moral values and Knowledge.
  • To provide students with the fundamentals of Engineering Sciences with more emphasis in Electrical Engineering by way of analyzing and exploiting engineering challenges.

Scope of Employment

  • Design Engineer
  • Project & Development Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Systems Design Engineer
  • Field & Site Incharge Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Sales & Marketing Engineer
  • Technical Engineers/ Army Officers in Defence.
  • Operation & Maintenance Engineer.
  • Technical Support Engineer